About Open Garage Doors

Open Garage Doors is a Youngstown, OH company serving residential and commercial customers in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

garage door tips

Maintenance for Openers
Most openers are maintenance free unless they have a screw drive. Then it will need greased twice a year.
Be sure to use a low temperature grease or it could burn your motor when the temperture falls. Avoid using too much - it will drip on your car!

Garage Door Openers

We sell, install, and repair all types of garage door openers.

When purchasing a new opener, we'll advise you on the best brands and explain the features you may want in a garage door opener. You can choose from openers with a chain, screw, or belt drive. We're glad to explain the benefits of each type. Just ask!

Did you know the average garage door is opened and closed six times per day? Over the course of one year, your opener works over 4,000 times either opening or closing your door.

If you've ever had to open your door manually, you certainly appreciate the convenience and speed of a garage door opener. Call today for a new garage door opener, or for the repair of your existing opener.